Tax Resolution

Battling the IRS for Your Financial Future

The IRS is a daunting opponent to face on your own. No matter what kind of controversy you are facing, the IRS will do everything possible to collect as much money as they possibly can, regardless of its impact on your finances. Having an experienced advocate fighting for you is absolutely essential whenever battling the IRS.

Working Hard for You

Attorney Jeff Irby has years of experience working with clients who are having tax troubles. He works hard to get you positive results including reduced debts, manageable payment plans, or offers in compromise.

Understanding All Your Options

When talking to the IRS on your own, they will do everything they can to push you into making large payments as quickly as possible so they can get as much money as they can. They won’t tell you about all the different options you have available, which could save you thousands. Having an attorney that is very familiar with all the options puts you in a much stronger position for negotiating any type of tax controversy.

For example, an offer in compromise allows you to settle your debt with the IRS for less than what is owed (in many cases, significantly less). The IRS will determine whether you can qualify for this type of settlement based on your assets, your income, and your expenses.

Offering You Education & Representation

In addition to representing you to the IRS, we will also take the time to talk with you about all your options. We believe that an educated client is much more likely to make the smartest possible decisions based on their unique situation. If you would like to schedule a free consultation with attorney Jeff Irby, please contact us today.